the sun dont shine in your tv

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i never go on tumblr

It’s true i don’t.. buuttttt I am leaving for Europe tomorrow for 27 whole days!! The ol ticker’s been actin up, but I got it in gear, she’s tickin’ just the way I like her to now. gonna pop some pam’s on the plane and goodbyeeeee winnipeg. 

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I think one of the best feelings in the world is being able to see the one you love doing something they love to do. Seeing them on stage, making eye contact, sharing a moment that only you two know about. Feeding off of their energy and seeing them in their true element. That’s when you realize, it doesn’t matter about the fight you got in, the fights you’re gonna get in - because in that one moment you feel like you are a part of something so much bigger. My friend responded best when I told her this, ‘but you don’t just have to feel like you’re part of it, you are’

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i like the original version of this song, its cuuuute

I could watch you for a lifetime, you’re my favourite movie. A thousand endings, you mean everything to me. I never know what’s comin’, forever fascinated. Hope you don’t stop running to me cause i’ll always be waiting. You are a cinema, I could watch you forever. Action, Thriller, I could watch you forever. You are a cinema, A Hollywood treasure. Love you, just the way you

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Milos (and friends) film got into Toronto After Dark film fest soooo guess ill be taking a little vacay to the ‘big’ city before Christmas. It will be my first time being in Toronto!(other than air plane layovers) - expanding my horizons I suppose